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Sharing in the success: Kowloon Nights and developers surpass $150MM in revenue; signs eight new titles

March 16th, 2022

Sharing in the success: Kowloon Nights and developers surpass $150MM in revenue; signs eight new titles


Today, Kowloon Nights announced a new milestone, having generated $150MM in revenue across their portfolio to date. The funding source also announced the addition of eight new titles to the roster from the likes of Aggro Crab, Kitfox Games and League of Geeks. The fund's success highlights the foundational values of Kowloon Nights - fair terms, a developer-first approach, and focus on supporting studios in their self-publishing efforts.


“Kowloon's vision was to fundamentally change the way games are funded,” said Alexis Garavaryan, CEO of Kowloon Nights. “This milestone demonstrates the validity and sustainability of a model that offers fair terms to developers while also putting the creators first and ensuring that players remember the names of the incredibly talented developers behind the games.”


On top of a strong portfolio of released content, the slate of titles through Kowloon Nights continues to grow with the addition of eight new projects, all unique in voice, vision and scope. These talented creators are developing experiences that cover a wide variety of genres and play styles, from the first-person factory automation found in Techtonica (Fire Hose Games), to the music-action RPG stylings of Sword of Symphony (Stephen Ddungu).


"Kowloon Nights has been an ideal partner for us. They're easy to work with, offer developer-friendly terms, and we retain all creative control + IP ownership. If you're an indie developer with ambitious plans, you'd have a tough time finding a better funding partner than Kowloon." -- Eitan Glinert, Fire Hose Games


"Ever since my game's early social media success, I've received a lot of good offers, but Kowloon Nights was the only one to present all the benefits of staying independent, but with the backing and support to allow me to continue working on the game full-time. It's game-dev heaven." -- Stephen Ddungu, Sword of Symphony


The most recent additions to the Kowloon Nights roster include the following showcase studios and projects (in their own words):


  • Aggro Crab: Aggro Crab is an unprofessional game studio and menace to the industry. Based in Seattle, WA, we make punchy stylized action games with a satirical twist. We previously released Going Under and are currently working on our secret second project!

  • Chasing Rats Games: Chasing Rats Games is an indie studio based in Montreal developing games that stand out due to their audacious art-style, distinct gameplay and original multiplayer elements. We have recently launched Struggling and are currently hard at work on Worship, a cultist-themed take on the roguelike genre inspired by Pikmin!


  • Fire Hose Games: Founded in 2008 in Boston, Fire Hose Games brings beauty and depth to the genres we love. Our current project is Techtonica, a factory building and automation game set in the bioluminescent, cavernous depths of an alien planet.


  • Kitfox Games: Kitfox Games is a small indie studio in Montreal, Canada, who has released seven titles on Steam and consoles, sometimes as developer and sometimes as publisher. They're probably best known right now as the developers of Boyfriend Dungeon and future publishers of the upcoming graphical version of Dwarf Fortress. Their work with Kowloon is on an unannounced title. All we can tell you is that it has simulation elements!


  • League of Geeks: League of Geeks (you can call us LoG) is a 'Triple-i' videogame development studio and publisher in Melbourne, Australia. Most well-known for our seminal digital board-game, Armello, we're now working on not one, but two new IP with our pals at Kowloon Nights.


  • Stephen Ddungu: I'm a self-taught game-dev, musician and animator based in the UK. I'm currently solo-developing Sword of Symphony; a musical action RPG where players fight with the power of music.

  • Webble Games: Webble Games is an indie game studio based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. We are happily working on our passion project right now and cannot wait to share it with the world!

To further aid partners in their goals to self-publish, Kowloon Nights announced a suite of available support tools and services from Kepler Interactive, including: press distribution, influencer outreach, business development, and more. This partnership further expands the empowerment and control given to independent studios looking for a world-class and developer-centric alternative to the traditional publishing models that exist.

"It's been a blast working with Kowloon Nights on bringing Sifu to life. Not only were they supportive of the vision from the beginning, but the team was hugely helpful throughout production, supporting the decision to delay the release, helping us a lot with Chinese cultural topics, and more. The way they fight for their developers and projects, they should be called Kowloon Knights!" -- Pierre de Margerie, Sloclap


About Kowloon Nights


Founded in 2017, Kowloon Nights is a source of production funding that allows developers to chart a path towards complete independence. Kowloon Nights gives independent developers the ability to focus on making games while still holding on to power and influence. The team continues to seek more titles to add to its portfolio; for more information, please visit 

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