Batterystaple - 30XX

For Fairchild related projects, please reach out to

fairchild at kowloonnights dot com directly 

We understand pitching is tough. Here are some tips:

  1. We only fund premium PC and Console projects (no AR/VR, no blockchain, no mobile-first games)

  2. Fill in the form below and hand us all the relevant materials you want us to review! Demo > Video > Concept Art > Words (it doesn't matter if you don't have a build, but we typically fund projects when they have a playable)
  3. Be confident and passionate about your own project. Tell us what you want to make. Don't ask us what we want you to make!  

  4. Be concise! We try our best to get back to everyone in a timely fashion but sometimes it's just not possible. Feel free to remind us if you don't hear back from us in 3 weeks. 

For other inquiries, please contact info at kowloonnights dot com