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How to pitch to Kowloon Nights

We understand that pitching can be challenging, so we’ve put together some high-level watch outs for you. Please read through this page in full before progressing with any submission. 


  • One of our core values is “Hands Off.” This means we want to understand how you will manage everything from development to the successful release of your project.

  • Be confident and passionate about your project. Tell us what you want to make and what sets it apart, not what you think we want you to make. 

  • Be concise with your pitch deck and please make it easy to digest. If you want to go deep on game systems, it would be best to attach that as a separate document (like a Game Design Document or similar).

  • Demo > Video > Concept Art > Words: we prioritize projects that have something playable or a proof of concept to show; and are generally unable to assess projects without a build.

The form below will include all the information that we require to assess your title. Please read through before submitting.

Note: Kowloon Nights specializes in funding premium PC and Console projects. We are open to receiving pitches for AR/VR and mobile-first titles, but we will not be supporting content tied to blockchain, NFTs, or advergaming.


Link to form here

For other inquiries, please contact us here.

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