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Kowloon Nights features a mix of business professionals and seasoned studio heads.

Meet the team.


Alexis Garavaryan

Instrumental in creating the ID@Xbox program while at Microsoft, Alexis signed Cuphead (Studio MDHR), Ashen (A44), The Long Dark (Hinterland), and We Happy Few (Compulsion). He also spent time in Asia contributing to the creation of the WeGame platform in order to nurture the growth of independent premium games in China.


Lindsey Rostal

Former VP and Head of Production for The Odd Gentlemen, Lindsey has initiated, produced and brought to market multiple projects and franchises. A narrative game veteran, she co-wrote multiple episodes for the 2015 re-imagining of King's Quest and seeks to continue pushing the boundaries of interactive narrative.


Sam Lee

A gamer his entire life, Sam manages operations and finances for Kowloon Nights. Prior to joining, Sam worked at McKinsey & Company and Yoozoo Interactive, and holds a deep passion for helping independent studios achieve success.


Anlu Liu

At Kowloon Nights, Anlu is the Content Manager and her main responsibilities are to find and evaluate games. She is a graduate from HKUST and is very passionate towards the gaming industry. Anlu is a huge Nintendo fan and always have a Switch with her to train her craft in Splatoon!


Matthew Handrahan

Matthew has been playing video games since they came on cassette tapes, and covered the industry as a journalist for a very, very long time. He finally made the jump into publishing by joining Sony's third-party portfolio team, helping to find and evaluate the best games for PlayStation. He now does the same thing for Kepler Interactive and Kowloon Nights, and is pretty happy with how life turned out.


Claudia Sng

Claudia is the investment analyst at Kowloon Nights. Having played video games her whole life, she is highly passionate about the industry, and excited to be part of its positive winds of change. When Claudia is away from her consoles, she loves cycling, photography, and cloud watching.


John Hendry

John is the Games Content Analyst at Kowloon (and Kepler). He provides qualitative feedback to developers utilising his background in QA and Production as well as his passion for indie games. John plays an almost unhealthy amount of videogames inside and outside of work and has a strong understanding of development processes. He is also enthusiastic about computer hardware, unhealthy food and being a dad.


Jenny Windom

Jenny (she/her) is the Social Media Manager for Kowloon Nights and Communications Manager for Rose City Games. She spent her formative years playing JRPGs and an obscene amount of Harvest Moon, and is especially passionate about exploring coziness in games as well as the intersection of the media we consume with our lived experiences. The quickest way to her heart includes K-pop and carbs.


Richie Zhu

Richie is an experienced investor in the games industry and has invested in many exceptional startups ranging from development studios, publishers, to technology and platform companies. Richie is also passionate about bringing great games to Chinese players as a gamer born and raised in China.


Astrid Mie Refstrup

Astrid is the CEO and co-founder of Triple Topping Games. She loves game jamming, tax reports, and hotdogs. She hates crunch, and works actively on redesigning the startup indie game culture.


Kendall Deacon

Kendall began his career as a product manager on Xbox and later became a systems designer and narrative designer on Halo 4. Kendall is responsible for some of the highest rated episodes in the history of Telltale Games—including the finale of The Wolf Among Us—and created the mythology for the worldwide launch of Tencent’s multi-billion dollar franchise, Honor of Kings.


Lisy is an external producer at Kowloon Nights, supporting developers with her years of experience in indie game production. She was previously the Production Director at League of Geeks (Armello) working alongside the founders to grow the team into one of the largest indie devs in Australia. Lisy is also co-founder of Girl Geek Academy, a social good startup focused on improving the pipeline of getting more women, girls and underrepresented genders into tech and games.

Lisy Kane


Trisha Lee

Trisha began her career signing and managing a portfolio of 1300+ premium PC games for Utomik. As a business developer, she makes sure Kowloon and its partners nurture fruitful relationships not only internally but also across the industry. Trisha paints, puzzles and loves striking a conversation over food, anime and quirky indie gems.


Winnie Luk

Winnie specialised in the Fund industry since her graduation with a professional designation in HKICPA. She is responsible for the finance and operation of Kowloon. She likes swimming, cycling, hiking and travelling.


Katy Lee

Katy is the Fund Accountant at Kowloon Nights. Before joining, she worked at Tricor and Intertrust and provided a range of accounting and fund administration services to clients. She has a professional designation in HKICPA.

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